Terms & Conditions

By using this website you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions. Violators agree to be fined an amount we see fit and may also be banned without warning.

Content Posting

All content, including photos and forum posts, posted by users on CONmunity must be appropriate, related, and all-ages friendly. This is a public website so always you your best judgment when posting.

Harassment and Conduct

This is a website created by and for people. Harassing another person is simply not acceptable and thus not allowed here on the CONmunity website. Violators who are found harassing others may also be banned without warning.


Don't do it, don't post spam.

Illegal Content

Don't post any illegal content, doing so is illegal.

Privacy Policy


Your email address will not be made public or given to any 3rd party. CONmunity will only email you when needed to inform you of important privacy policy or terms and conditions updates. You will also be emailed to confirm the creation of your CONmunity account and by your request in the case of a lost password for your CONmunity log in. Future updates to CONmunity may included notifications via email but said notifications and emails will only be submitted if you opt-in. You will not be emailed for any other reasons by CONmunity.

Personal Information

All personal information we collect from you, other than your email address, is done so because you are submitting it to be publicly displayed on the CONmunity website. Do not submit anything on your profile, comments, photos, forums, or else where on CONmunity that you want to be kept private.


All photos posted to CONmunity are available for public viewing and may be shared on other websites, it is after all the internet. Photos on the CONmunity website cannot legally be used by any 3rd party for commercial reasons or financial gain without permission from the photographer and those in the photo. Posted photos may be used in the design of CONmunity promotional items such as banners or fliers but not for sales.

3rd Party Implementation & APIs

Photo galleries from CONmunity may be embedded into 3rd party websites via APIs. Only websites with permission from CONmunity are allowed to use our API code and embed any of our photos or galleries on their website. This featured was created so partnering conventions can use CONmunity's API to place photos from their conventions on said convention's website.

General Policy on Content.

CONmunity is a public website with user generated content. While we do our best to keep all content appropriate we are not responsible or accountable for what users posts.