How to pose for photo-ops
Among other things, conventions are your chance to come face to face with the celebrities behind your favorite films. The most popular, and typically most costly, interaction is the photo-ops. After dropping a chunk of change, dealing with the butterflies in your stomach, and waiting in a long line you want that photo to be perfect. After all, you may only get this one shot to capture a shared memory.

One of the main concerns people have is, how do I pose in the photo? Some celebrities take charge and call out the shots but not always. Here are some suggestions so you'll always be ready when you meet your heroes in person.

Bring props, they can always lively up a photo.

 Give recreating a scene a try. Either one the celebrity took part in or any iconic movie scene.  
If the celebrity is well known for having an overly flirty personality, like Sean Maher or John Barrowman, go for a flirty pose.  
You can also go with classic group poses such as Charlie's Angels, awkward prom photo, and posting like rappers or metal rockstars. But one of the easiest poses is simply that of overly exaggerated emotion. Bring the energy and pose with over excitement, this is after all a pretty special moment about to capture on film.

A few things to keep in mind though is that celebrities are humans too. Always ask before touching them, requesting a pose from them, or requesting that they hold a prop in the photo. A simple "can we do this... ?" will suffice. If they reject an idea stay positive, it is not personal. It is also important to be timely, to keep the line behind you moving. Lastly, don't forget to thank them and have fun.
September 29 2016

posted by JoeyH