Free CONtv Promo
In celebration of Free Comic Book Day, CONtv is giving way 2 free months and a t-shirt to new users.

What is CONtv you ask? Basically it is two things rolled up into one. What you'll notice right away is that it's a downsized version of Netflix or Hulu. The selection is limited but then again the selection is mostly targeted just for the geek crowed.

At first glance you may think there is no need to join if you already have a Netflix or Hulu account. But you would be wrong.

CONtv also provides exclusive interviews and original content all related to conventions and the geek/nerd community. They have also partnered with Wizard World giving them greater access to more exclusives. Sign up for the free trial and check it out for yourself.

To get your 2 months of free VIP membership the and t-shirt sign up at and during the checkout process use the promo code "COMICDAY16". This offer only lasts for a week so get to it!

In related news, today Comic-Con HQ also released their beta site which is basically SDCC's response to Wizard World's CONtv. It is safe to guess that this is what we can owe the current promo to. While SDCC is a bigger name, their Comic-Con HQ is still miles behind CONtv in both content and quality.
May 07 2016

posted by JoeyH