Con Man the GAME
In Con Man the Game, based on the Con Man web series, you go behind the scenes and are in charge of managing your own convention. If that sounds like more work than play, don't worry, you are not in this alone. The alter egos of Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day are there to guide you through everything. And if you need someone to take out the trash why not just have Joss Whedon do it for you?

No, seriously, you get to tell Joss what to do. You are literally the director to his new janitorial career. You can also have Kevin Smith be your security guard in case there are any streaking old ladies that need to be kicked out. And just like any convention you need to keep the "CONmunity" (their words, not ours) happy. Set up new booths, provide food & beverages, through parties, and fight off the aliens who wreak havoc on your convention... just like in real life!

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August 25 2016

posted by JoeyH