Con News
  • NYCC 2016 Music Video Recap

    October 23 2016

    A short video recap music video of New York Comic Con 2016....

  • NYCC 2016 Photo Highlights

    October 13 2016

    It was an amazing time at New York Comic Con this weekend. Here are a few photo highlights from the weekend but make sure to check out the full gallery here or upload your own.And check back next week for our video highlights....

  • Doctor Who Season 10 at NYCC

    October 08 2016

    Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Steven Moffat, and Brian Minchin discuss season 10 of Doctor Who at New York Comic Con 2016....

  • How to pose for photo-ops

    September 29 2016

    Among other things, conventions are your chance to come face to face with the celebrities behind your favorite films. The most popular, and typically most costly, interaction is the photo-ops. After dropping a chunk of change, dealing with the butterflies in your stomach, and waiting in a long line...

  • Con Man the GAME

    August 25 2016

    In Con Man the Game, based on the Con Man web series, you go behind the scenes and are in charge of managing your own convention. If that sounds like more work than play, don't worry, you are not in this alone. The alter egos of Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day are there to guide you...

  • SDCC 2016 Photo Highlights

    August 07 2016

    San Diego Comic Con 2016 has come and gone but here are a few photo highlights to look at while we anxiously await next year's con. You can see all photos from SDCC 2016 here....

  • Tudyk and Fillion talk Con Man

    July 27 2016

    Con Man's Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion (of Firefly fame) discuss their hit web series, video game, and Star War's Rogue One at Entertainment Weekly's Con-X during San Diego Comic Con 2016.This was a test video using a Xiaomi Yi Action Camera but the interview is highly enjoyable and just had to be...

  • How will Pokemon Go affect conventions

    July 11 2016

    Since it's recent release Pokémon Go has been taking the world by storm. The app is installed on more phones than Tinder and has more daily active users than Twitter or Instagram. Pokémon Go has been changing up lives around the world, for better or for worse. And since the game and conventions...

  • D23 Expo 2017 tickets go on sale

    July 08 2016

    Tickets for D23 Expo 2017 go on sale Thursday, July 14th at 10am PST!D23 Expo is the massive biennial Disney Convention in Anaheim California. It's your source for everything Disney; past, present, and future. Get sneak peaks of upcoming movies (including Marvel and Lucas Films) and theme park...

  • Exclusive TMNT Arcade Figures

    May 24 2016

    SDCC is always filled with toy line exclusives but here is one that everyone is getting excited about. NECA is releasing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line that looks like they came straight out of Konami's 1989 arcade game!These SDCC 2016 exclusives come in two sets of four. Set one contains the...

  • SDCC Documentary and Interview

    May 12 2016

    If you have never experienced San Diego Comic-Con or need something to hold you over until SDCC 2016, "Home Away From Home" is a must watch documentary. Best part is you can watch it for FREE below, but first we are honored to share a one on one interview with the director Caleb Alexandra, aka...

  • Free CONtv Promo

    May 07 2016

    In celebration of Free Comic Book Day, CONtv is giving way 2 free months and a t-shirt to new users.What is CONtv you ask? Basically it is two things rolled up into one. What you'll notice right away is that it's a downsized version of Netflix or Hulu. The selection is limited but then again the...

  • SDCC's Exclusive App

    May 04 2016

    Want to experience SDCC but can't make it out to San Diego this year? Technology to the rescue! SDCC has a new app on the way, Comic-Con HQ, and free beta access opens Saturday, May 7 – on Free Comic Book Day!This app is being hyped as, "the new streaming video-on-demand destination that delivers...

  • Con Man on DVD

    April 29 2016

    As a convention goer our lives are a bit different. No matter who you are, a fan, artist, celebrity, cosplayer, or organizer, we experience situations that most others would be baffled by. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a show about those unique experiences, about con life? But why stop...

  • Making the Brave Little Toaster Cosplay

    April 10 2016

    I'm a casual cosplayer who knows very little when it comes to making costumes or props. Many of my friends have insanely crazy talents when it comes to bringing comic and video game characters to life. I may lack their talent but I have plenty of creativity to fall back on. One...